How Many Ribs Does a Human Have – Difference Between Male and Female Ribs

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Difference Between Male and Female Ribs

The bone framework is formed with hollow space which is named “Thoracic cavity” in medical terms. This formation of the bone framework is known as Ribs. The prominent function of ribs is to help in respiration. Also, ribs make a thoracic cage which is helpful in preventing the thoracic organs like the heart, lungs, vessels, and much more. Here, we will discuss ribs and their complete information. You will be able to get answers like how many ribs a man have, how many ribs does a woman have, how many floating ribs are in the human body, how many true ribs are there, and much more.

Difference Between Male and Female Ribs

How Many Ribs Does a Man Have – Difference Between Man and Female Ribs

Normally as per studies, it is sentenced that people have 24 ribs. These ribs are divided on each side of the human body and hence it is 12 in number on the left and 12 on the right side of the body.

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Difference Between Man and Female Ribs

1. Rib Cage

The Rib cage is different in size for both males and females. Men have shorter ones while females have longer axial skeletons.

2. Thorax

Males consist of broad while the females have a narrow thorax.

3. Chest

The chest size of males is bigger when measured as a circumference and total depth. The females have larger breast tissue as compared to males.

Why Ribs Are Important and How Does it Support the Human Body?

  • Ribs are the strong part of the body which helps to support the skeleton.
  • Another advantage of ribs is to protect the vital organs, especially in the chest cavity.
  • Ribs also help to prevent the functionality of the heart, lungs, and spleen.
  • As we know, the lungs function to fill and release with breath. In the same manner, ribs, and rib cages work to expand and contract. Hence, both are flexible in working.
  • Ribs Variation and What Side is the Missing Rib?

1. Down Syndrome

If the human body consists of a chromosomal disorder, then it is known as Trisomy 21 “Down Syndrome” in medical terms. Such individuals can have an extra rib or sometimes a missing 12th rib. It is not mandatory that people who are suffering from down syndrome will have variations in their ribs.

2. Spondylocostal Dysplasis

A disorder like autosomal recessive is known as “Spondylocostal Dysplasis.” In this situation, people will have abnormal development of both ribs as well as the spine. Sometimes, it is seen that people who have such problems might have fused ribs to each other or are completely missing.

3. Spondylothoracic Dysplasia

Infants or babies who are born with this autosomal recessive situation. They might have fused ribs as well as vertebrae. In such conditions, you can see small chest cavities in humans which are responsible for breathing issues.

4. Goldenhar Syndrome

This is not permanent and found as a rare congenital problem. In these circumstances, the individual will suffer from anomalies that are developed in the spine, ears, or eyes. Such kids can be seen with underdeveloped jaws and cheekbones. Also, they can have one or two partial ears or even missing ears. 

Such problems like missing ribs can correct with the help of surgery which is known as vertical expandable prosthetic titanium rib. In medical terms, the doctors call it VEPTR which is easy with size adjustment as the kid grows.

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Ribs in human body

How Many Floating Ribs in the Human Body?

Yes, the human body consists of floating ribs and these are available as two pairs. As we already know, the human body consists of 12 pairs of ribs. Among these 12 pairs, the 11th and 12th pairs are known as floating ribs. Also, these pairs of ribs are not attached with the sternums or to another rib. 
Now, you must be aware of the answers to how many ribs does a man have, how the ribs are missing in humans and children, and how to cure such problems. 

How Many Ribs Does a Man Have in the Bible?

How Many Ribs Does a Human Have

As per the bible, it is said that both males and females have an equal number of ribs. This means apart from the human sex; both have 12 pairs of ribs. In some conditions, it is possible that an individual can have too many or a lesser number of ribs. 

How Many Bones in Rib Cage and What are True Ribs?

There are 24 bones in a rib cage which is attached as 12 pairs of ribs to the sternum. In addition, people used to know how many true ribs does a human body have? As per medical studies, the ribs are categorized into three groups. These groups work as of the relationship to the sternum.
1. Ribs from number 1 to 7 are known as “True Ribs.” These ribs are called vertebrosternal ribs. 
2. While the ribs from number 8 to 12 are known as “False Ribs.” Such ribs are called vertebrochondral ribs.

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