Meaning of Feng Shui – Its 5 Basic Principles and Authentic Tips

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a popular Chinese art that is now followed throughout China as well as in Western Cultures. It simply means, “the way of wind and water.” People used to follow this art for arranging buildings, equipment, and space in their surroundings to get good results of harmony and balance. In this article, we will discuss the various concepts of feng shui and tips to create the proper balance in life at home.

The meaning of Feng Shui is easily understood when we break it into two Chinese words. 

  • Feng – It means wind.
  • Shui – It means water.

Thus, people used to follow such practices for arraigning objects in their living spaces. Such processes will help them to create a balance with the surrounding environment. The main motive for following the Feng Shui concept is to tackle various energy forces and build up harmony and a soothing place between an individual and the environment.

Feng Shui Money Coin Plant to Enhance Positive Energy at Home

Feng Shui Money Coin Plant to Enhance Positive Energy at Home

With the help of Feng Shui, people will get detailed information for placing different objects in their appropriate spaces in the house. This process is helpful in bringing positive energy to the home. Different principles of Feng Shui can help us out with health, wealth, prevention from negative energies, and much more. 

Let us check out how the coin plant is helpful in providing positive energy at home.

  • Coin plant is also called a Chinese money plant. In biological terms, it is known as “Pilea peperomioides.” 
  • The leaves of coin plants are like coins and it is one of the least maintained indoor plants. 
  • As per the theory of Feng Shui, it is sentenced that this plant provides positivity and good wealth in the surrounding for the people who grow it.
  • You can grow this plant by the process of stem cutting.
  • Coin plant is easy to grow in the spring season and in indirect sunlight.
  • If you are living in a warm area and in too sunny environment then there is more water intake otherwise it needs moderate water.

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Importance and Benefits of Laughing Buddha for Money

According to Feng Shui, people use laughing buddha to fill positive energy around their homes and surroundings. Thus, it is called a symbol of prosperity and happiness. You must have seen laughing buddha in various spaces like homes, offices, hotels, and restaurants to ample the area with positive vibes.

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Laughing Buddha with Money Bags

Feng Shui- Laughing Buddha with Money Bags

The statue of the traveling Laughing Buddha consists of a bag that is filled with lots of money. Also, it has riches pitched on his back and operating a Wu Lou. This complete statue is a symbol of good health, healing, and longevity. People who require a boost in their luck mainly uses such traveling monk.

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5 Basic Principles of Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui and Taoist tradition, the world splits into five elements namely: wood, metal, fire, earth, and water. All these elements appeal to a different kind of mood which benefits your personality and to reach the desired goal. Follow the below points which guide you regarding how to place them into your home and office areas.

1. Earth

This type of element affects physical strength while bringing stability and balance. As we know, excess of anything is harmful to the environment. In the same manner, when there is an excess of a crowd on earth space, it will result in a heavy sensation. Ultimately people will feel more boredom and seriousness. While on the other hand, when there is little space on earth then it might bring disorganizing and unfocused behavior.

  • You can add colors like brown, green, or sand in earth tones.
  • Shapes should be square or rectangular.
  • Surfaces must be low and flat.
  • Its qualities are grounded, self-care and stability.

2. Metal

With the help of metal elements, mental clarity and logic are affected. If your area is focused on a large amount of metal then there is a possibility of chatty, speaking anything without thinking. On the other hand, when there is less usage of metal in your surrounding then it might make you a quiet person and focus less on your goal.

  • This metal element’s qualities are beauty and efficiency.
  • The shape is circular and spherical.
  • Colors and season of metal are white, metallics, and autumn respectively.
  • The concerned areas are for children and helpful individuals.

Feng Shui Money Coin Plant to Enhance Positive Energy at Home

3. Water

This element is related to spirituality, and emotions. When there is an excess of water then it might result in an unbalanced transition. When there is less amount of water then it can lead to a lack of sympathy and loneliness.

  • The qualities of water elements are downward, shifting.
  • Its shape and colors are wavy, curvy, and black respectively.
  • Career is the respective area concerned with this element.

4. Wood

When there is an excess of wood usage in your surroundings, it will make you stubborn and inflexible. While the low usage of woof can give you depression, and stagnancy.

  • The shapes of this element are columnar and rectangular.
  • Areas are family and wealth.

5. Fire

A large amount of fire will deliver anger, irritation, and impulsive behavior. While if there is a little amount of fire then it will affect your vision and emotions.

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