How to Grow, Care, and Benefits of Prayer Plant?

Benefits of Prayer Plant

The prayer plant is a unique style and a simple growing houseplant consisting of folding leaves. Calatheas is basically known as the “prayer plant.” Calatheas and prayer plants are the members of genus Maranta. In this article, we will discuss in brief about these plants. Also, we will answer numerous queries asked by plant lovers like is this an indoor plant, where is the best place to put a prayer plant, how to care for such plants, what are its benefits, and much more.

Issues With Prayer Plant Leaves Curling

If you are facing issues with prayer plant leaves curling then try to examine the weather. As it will curl in cold conditions or in an excessively dry environment. You need to work on increasing the humidity level at the place where you have potted the plant regularly. This will result in the prayer plant leaves curling.

Benefits of Prayer Plant

What Is Special About Prayer Plant?

1.One of the prominent and special things about the prayer plant is that its leaves get folded together during night time which seems like a pair of praying hands and that is why it is called a “prayer plant.” 
2.These plants are not poisonous to dogs and cats.
3.There are various types of such plants and some of them consist of variegated foliage.
4.Another special thing about this plant is that it produces small flowers which are easily visible.
5.It is a low-growing plant that is green in color and easily spreads with rhizomes.
6.During the night period, this plant has a unique way of raising its leaves in an upright position. Yes, you can see the leaves at the night in the same manner as someone do pray by folding their hands.
In the morning period, again you can see the leaves are open and not folded as it was at the night.
These are colorful perennial plants and feel happy when someone takes good care.
People used to plant these trees in their homes for decoration purposes as it looks attractive and evergreen.

Is Prayer Plant Good for the Indoor?

Benefits of Prayer Plant

Of course, Yes! You can pot this plant in your home, offices, and other indoor places.
1.It is a successful indoor plant. 
2.If you pot in an outdoor place then it might face some problems to grow and stay last longer.
Prayer plants require tropical conditions which are not easily available in outdoor places in different countries. 
3.When you will plant it in an indoor place, it looks attractive throughout the year. 
These plants deliver the best result in high-humidity, moist weather, and low-light circumstances.

Where Is the Best Place to Put a Prayer Plant?

Before placing the prayer plant inside your house or respective area, try to examine whether it will receive indirect sunlight or not. Therefore, you can try to place it near a window from where indirect sunlight is easily received.
As per the directions, you can hang it in the west or south-facing area. 
Always try to plant it in a safe area where it will not receive direct sun rays.
For better growth and green leaves and stems, you should place it in proper light exposure.

What Precautions Do You Need to Take Before Planting Prayer Plant?

Benefits of Prayer Plant

One important point that you should keep in mind before placing this plant in your area is that never place it in direct sunlight. Because by placing it in direct sun, the plant leaves will get damaged as of the development of blotches and patches. This will result in decreasing the green color of leaves.

How Do You Take Care of a Praying Plant?

Taking care of plants is an important procedure for their growth and development in an appropriate manner. Follow the below points to take care of the praying plant.
1. Try to water the plant when its soil is completely dry. Also, do not overwater the plant else it will hamper its growth. 
2. Fertilizing your plant after two weeks is equally important. Hence, try to fertilize your plant once a month, especially in the winter season. Do not overfertilize the plant as it can result in death.
3. Infestation is also important to make your plant free from pests and diseases.

What Are the Benefits of a Prayer Plant?

If you wish to know the prayer plant benefits then have a look at the below points.
The plant is helpful in clearing the indoor air by removing air pollutants. 
The symbol of the prayer plant shows gratitude for its folding leaves at night.
It requires less care and hence people find it a perfect choice to place in an indoor area.

Are You Facing Problems Like Prayer Plant Not Praying?

Many individuals ask queries like why their prayer plant not praying. If you have placed your plant near any source of light during the night then it is possible that the prayer plant will not fold its leaves. It needs a completely dark environment at night to deliver perfect folding leaves.

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