Powerful Tips and Benefits for Caring and Growing ZZ Plant

Benefits for Caring and Growing ZZ Plant

ZZ plant is abbreviated as “Zamioculcas zamiifolia,” which is a low-maintenance indoor plant. These plants consist of oval-shaped leaves and look shiny, and wide. It is easy to grow such plants at home indoors as the process is quick and easy to grow. In this article, we will know the different tips to propagate and What Are the Benefits of ZZ Plant.

Appearance and Native Area Where ZZ Plant Grows

  • These plants carry beautiful deep green color leaves because of which sometimes people get confused and mark them as artificial. 
  • This plant is also known as Zanzibar gems because of its spotless and waxy leaves. 
  • As per the information, this plant naturally grows in East Africa like Zanzibar and Tanzania. 
  • Let us answer a few queries related to ZZ Plant
Benefits for Caring and Growing ZZ Plant

What Are the Benefits of ZZ Plant?

No more care and Low-maintenance Required

These plants require less care and hence stay for long years. ZZ plants are capable to tolerate dry soil and do not require trimming after a certain period of time. Also, the plant is easy to survive in low-light circumstances.

Contain characteristics of Air Purifying

People do research on plants that have air-purifying properties. If you are also searching for the same query, then try to plant a ZZ Plant. As per the NASA, report conveyed in the year 1989, it was sentenced that such plants are the source of removing pollutants from the environment or air.

These plants are helpful in filtering the contaminants which are found in chemicals, xylene, cigarette smoke, and more to provide fresh indoor air. People call ZZ Plant Fortune Tree
As per the Feng Shui Theory, people used to call it a Fortune Tree. They believe that it brings luck, growth, wealth, constancy, and good fortune. This is because of plant leaves that resemble gold coins.

Easy Process to Propagate ZZ Plant

People who are excited to make more such plants in their indoor as well as garden areas. They can follow super easy methods to propagate such plants by following the division. You need to separate the rhizomes and use another container to replant them.

Another process to propagate will take approximately 6 – 9 months which is known as stem cutting.

In this process, take a fresh and clean jar filled with water. Now, from a healthy plant try to take some leaflets and place the stalk in the container filled with water.

After a week, try to clean the water to get rid of bacterial growth. In between 6 to 9 months, you will be able to see the formation of roots. This is the moment when you can add the rooted plant to a pot with the appropriate soil mix.

Helps to make you feel happy and reduce stress

As per the biological studies, it is been sentenced that this plant helps to decrease stress and depression. This will ultimately help you to make happy and improves your mood. This plant is good to enhance productivity, reforming attitudes, and increasing creativity.

Is ZZ a good indoor plant? 

Yes, ZZ is a good indoor plant. The following points will illustrate how it is a good indoor plant.

This plant consists of dark green leaves which is itself an indication of absorbing a large amount of light from fewer sources. Therefore, this process makes the ZZ plant appropriate for indoor use. 

If you are a frequent traveler or a working individual and forget to pour water in these plants then also the plant can tolerate dry soil and can stay for a longer duration.

These plants can stay and grow in low light conditions thus, it is not mandatory to let them rest in direct sunlight. This simply elaborates that ZZ is a good indoor plant.

Is ZZ plant poisonous to touch?

As we all know now that this plant works well in low-light conditions and can tolerate dry soil which makes it a mandatory choice for plantation in homes as well as in offices. But you should be aware that all the parts of the ZZ plant are poisonous. 

The experts have concluded to keep your kids, children, and pets away from such plants because it is completely harmful and risky. 

In case of any contact with ZZ, you need to wash your hands immediately. 

Another precaution that you can take is to wear gloves to be free from any poison.

Do ZZ plants clean the air? 

The appearance of the ZZ plant is attractive and contains small and glossy leaves which are dark green in color. 
The growing style of Zamioculcas zamiifolia is zig-zag in the upper direction and has slender stems. 
People who have queries like is this plant is an air purifier or not. Let us be clear, yes it has such qualities. 
The plant can take off the volatile organic compound’s cigarette smoke, benzene, xylene, toluene, and much more.

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