How to determine – Happiest Country in The World? 

Happiest Country in The World

The happiest country in the world is been determined based on statistical analysis done by the World Happiness Report. The program is been structured since 2002 and hence people used to know the world’s happiest countries. In 2021, Finland was concluded to be named as the happiest country in the world.

What is the process for determining the world happiness report?

The research people try to analyze the comprehensive Gallup polling documents for the past three years from 149 countries. This data will be analyzed to determine the happiest country in the world. The responsible team is determined to monitor the performances in the below-given sectors:

  • Gross domestic product per capita.
  • Social welfare and support.
  • Healthy environment and life expectancy.
  • How much individuals feel free to make their own life choices.
  • People’s Goodness and their kind behavior.
  • A complete idea of internal as well as external corruption levels.

Do you know, that research experts have made one fictional country which was named as “Christened Dystopia.” In this country, they have included the world’s least happy people. The reason behind developing this fictional country was to compare the values of real-world countries with Dystopia. Then, the analysis will be done based on the combined score of the above six categories for different countries separately. You must be amazed to know that in 2021, the happiest countries in the world are from the Northern European area. Among all the countries, Finland holds the top position with an overall score of 7.842 for the fourth year in the chain. The overall score of other countries is Denmark (7.620), Iceland (7.554), Norway (7.392), and Sweden (7.363), Switzerland (7.571), the Netherlands (7.464).

Which was the least happy country in the world?

Many individuals are excited to know about the least happy country in 2021. Then, Afghanistan holds the least happy country position with 149th rank. This country contains a low life expectancy rate as well as the lower GDP rate.

Have a look at the Top Names of Happiest Country in the world in 2021

1. Finland


As per the world happiness index report available in 2021, Finland is named the happiest country in the world. This country has scored 7.842 out of 10. The people who are living in this country have been awarded by the report writers for their communal support. Finland citizens have given their efforts in helping the country during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the prominent points, Finland people felt was that they are free to make their own opinions. And, another important point is that they showed lesser supposition of government corruption. These are the important factors that contribute the happiness.

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2. Denmark


As per the world happiness index, the second position holds by Denmark which is known as the happiest country in the world. It has scored 7.620 out of 10 and the values are easily comparable with the top-placed happiest country named, “Finland.” While it is expected that in the coming future this country can hold the top position as of its good Gross Domestic Product per capita value.

3. Switzerland


Another happiest country in the world which is placed in the third position is, “Switzerland.” This country has scored a 7.571 value out of 10. You can observe a good GDP per capita value and long-life expectancy in this country. Also, Switzerland is known to be one of the safest countries across the globe.

4. Iceland


Let us now have a further look at the fourth happiest countries available in the entire world. It is none other than Iceland, which scores 7.554 out of 10 to be listed as the fourth number. Out of the top happiest countries, this country holds the highest feeling of social help and support. 

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5. Netherlands


The fifth happiest country in the world which is also known as Holland is the Netherlands. It scores 7.464 out of 10 and is known by many tulip lovers. It has scored good value in the category of goodness and spirit of giving. 

6. Norway


People who live in Norway which holds the sixth place in the row of the happiest country in the world do feel that they get proper care and help from the government. Also, they get free college tuition and a healthy work-life balance. This country does not have several crime rates and hence it has a lesser crime number. 

7. Sweden


The seventh position is taken by Sweden which is known as the happiest country in the world. Sweden scored 7.363 out of 10 after combining each category as discussed above. If we compare this country with other top most happy countries then Sweden holds a higher lack of corruption value. Among 149 countries, Sweden holds the 14th highest GDP per capita value which is quite a good number. Another prominent point about Sweden is that it consists of the fourth highest life expectancy value in comparison to the top seven happiest countries in the world.

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