Bedroom Modern Pop Plus Minus Design

Bedroom Modern Pop Plus Minus Design

Your bedroom is your private haven. This is one room of your home where are free to be yourself. There are no inhibitions. The interior of your bedroom reveals your personality.

So, it is quite necessary to design your bedroom according to your taste and preferences. The walls and ceilings tell a story by themselves. And with advancement and innovation in the design world, a lot of new designs are available in the market.

Bedroom Modern Pop Plus Minus Design is one of the latest entrants in the home designing world. In this article, we will be elaborating on Bedroom Modern Pop Plus Minus Design options. But first, let us understand what is Pop design.

What is Pop Design?

What is Pop Design

  • Pop design is the latest fad in false ceiling designs.
  • False ceilings are used to enhance the beauty of ceilings and hence turn them into statement pieces.
  • “Pop” stands for “Plaster of Paris”.
  • Plaster of Paris is plaster made of gypsum which sets quickly.
  • Similar to white cement, it comes in dry powder form.
  • Pop needs to be moistened before using it.
  • Pop is molded into different designs and can be used for false ceilings, statues, wall trimmings, etc.

What are the advantages of using Pop in Designing Walls and Ceilings?

advantages of using Pop in Designing Walls and Ceilings
  • Pop is heat resistant and lightweight.
  • Pop designs can be installed easily and need little maintenance.
  • They can be installed during construction or even after construction is completed.
  • Ceilings designed with Pop are highly durable and retain their shape even after prolonged use.
  • Pop can be used for concealing pipes and cables and can also be used to hide damages in the ceiling.
  • Also, Pop is pocket-friendly and makes the place look beautiful.

What are the benefits of Bedroom Modern Pop Plus Minus Design?

  • Pop designs on bedroom ceilings are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.
  • Recessed lighting options create uniform lighting throughout the room.
  • Bedroom Modern Pop Plus Minus Designs can be customized in chosen colors and textures to match the decor style of your room.
  • Plus, it creates insulation in the room.


What are some Bedroom Modern Pop Plus Minus Design ideas?

  1. Timeless Bedroom Modern Pop Plus Minus Designs
  • Simple and minimalist is the new trend.
  • These types of Pop designs are timeless and pleasing to the eyes.
  • One of the most stylish and elegant ceiling designs. 
  • The soothing texture of this design is ideal for bedrooms.
  • Coffered ceilings are often incorporated into these designs.
  • Warm whites or neutral colors are the best choices for this pop plus minus design.
  • Use some recessed cove LED lights and you have the bedroom of your dreams.
  1. Decorative Bedroom Pop Plus Minus Designs

Decorative Bedroom Pop Plus Minus Designs
  • These ornate designs are of the flowy kind.
  • Best suited for large bedrooms or when you have decided to cover the entire ceiling with a false ceiling.
  • Beautiful forms are created using Pop which is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Petal-shaped designs and intertwined arcs in continuity are a great choice.
  • Add a classic chandelier from the structural ceiling and the room will light up.
  • Subtle pastel shades are the best choice for this Pop Plus Minus Design.
  1. Bedroom Pop Plus Minus Designs That Flow
  • As the name suggests, these are seamless designs that are both classy and cozy.
  • These designs flow from the ceiling to the walls.
  • Using rich wooden textures paired with neutral shades will be ideal.
  • Lights continue to run through the ceiling onto the walls which create a linear illusion.
  1. Bedroom New Modern Pop Plus Minus Designs
  • These designs focus on striking a balance between negative and positive spaces.
  • Mostly box shapes and patterns are used to create these designs.
  • Choosing a similar color palette for all levels and suspended elements help in giving a seamless finish.
  1. Bedroom Modern Pop Plus Minus Designs for Kids
Bedroom Modern Pop Plus Minus Designs for Kids
  • The good news is that you can choose these designs to decorate your kids’ bedrooms as well.
  • Kids-friendly themes such as starry skies and piano keyboards along with clouds among others can be customized.
  • The color palette can be quite vivid for these kinds of designs.

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What tips to consider when designing a bedroom POP plus minus design?

  • Keep the Bedroom Modern Pop Plus Minus Design to a minimal for a cozy feel.
  • Furniture placement needs to be properly thought upon so that an aesthetic appeal can be maintained.
  • Using neutral colors will make the Bedroom Modern Pop Plus Minus Design visually pleasing.
  • Play with textures and forms to provide a unique appeal to your bedroom.

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How to Maintain Bedroom Modern Pop Plus Minus Design?

  • Schedule an inspection routine.
  • Keep an eye on wear and tear if you have used wallpaper.
  • Replace burned-out lights immediately.
  • Curtains and pictures attached to the ceiling should be lightweight.
  • Avoid drilling holes in the surface.

In conclusion, incorporating Bedroom Modern Pop Plus Minus Design in your homes elevates the design element of your home and set them up as a style statement.

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