A Dozen Reasons Not To Visit Himachal In The Summers!

1. The scenic beauty in Kullu Valley is so different that our over-packed cities!

Kullu Valley

One of the most famous destinations, the Kullu valley, is situated on the banks of Beas river. The climate and the landscape of this place is awe-inspiring. It exudes the old world charm. Serene landscape, holy temples, beautiful valleys. This is the perfect getaway for this summer. But, I am sure, you are in love with the pollution, the honks, the sprawling buildings in your city! So, do not visit this amazing place. 

2. You do not want to be sporty and adventurous in Manali


Manali offers you breathtaking views of the snow-clad mountains. But behold! That is not all. Manali has a lot to amaze you. It not only, is a feast to your visual senses, but also it offers a chance to ascertain your fitness level with the number of sporting and adventurous facilities available here. Trekking, mountaineering, angling, skiing, white water rafting and para gliding are some of the adventurous sports available here. Besides this, a number of waterfalls, national parks and of course, the famous, Rohtang Pass, are going to leave you awestruck!

But, I guess, you enjoy your car travel to office more sporting these days. Nah?

3. Serene lakes and snow-capped mountains in Shimla? How boring!

Serene lakes and snow-capped mountains i

Summer capital! This is what the British declared Shimla, when they got bowled over by its enchanting beauty. Here you would get a chance to behold spectacular scenic beauty, with lakes and rich greenery. The Daranghati Sanctuary, The Ridge, the Christ Church, the Wild Flower Hall, The Chadwick Falls, are sure to entice you into visiting this place time and again.

4. Chamba is a natural beauty and you hate it!


Do not stick to your roof-top garden if you are a nature lover! Come to Chamba and witness the excellent ambiance it has to offer. Lakes like Khajjiar, Chamera and Manimahesh, adore the beauty of the place. A number of parks, palaces and churches, make this place an excellent holiday retreat!

5. Who visits waterfalls and tea gardens in Dharamsala?

 tea gardens in Dharamsala

‘The Scotland of India’: This is how we refer to Dharamsala! Covered by snow-capped mountains on three sides and a valley on the fourth, the picturesque of the place is beyond beautiful. The view from this place, which is almost above 4000m in height, is spectacular. And the tea gardens, temples, waterfalls and the most famous, Dal Lake, just add to the beauty. This place is a must for anyone who wishes to engage in scenic beauty and spiritual revelations.

6. Dalhousie looks so colonial and come on! You don’t like antique beauty!


Dalhousie has not only retained its name from the colonial times but also, has stuck to its antique looks. Named after the British governor of the 19th century, the hill station is spread across five hills. It hosts a variety of vegetation including pine, oak and deodar. The leading attractions include the Dainkund Peak, Panchpula, Sach Pass, Bakrota Hills and many more.

7. Picturesque forts in Kangra! Who cares? You want the same shopping malls over the weekend!

Picturesque forts in Kangra

Kangra is one of the most beautiful and scenic valleys in Himachal Pradesh. And mind you! I am not talking about its natural riches, but also its significance in history and culture. Necklaced by a rich past, Kangra has some beautiful attractions to woo you. The Kangra Fort, Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake, the Taragarh Palace, the Tatwani Hot Spring, etc.

8. Breathtaking Sunset Point in Kasauli? What’s beautiful in a sunset? Nah!


In Kasauli, you would get a glimpse of the colonial rule as well. It offers you a series of splendid views. At the sunset point, you would get a chance to behold the most picturesque sunset ever in life. It is one of the major tourist attractions of the place. Besides this, you also have the monkey point, Dagshai, Gurkha Fort and many other places to visit.

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9. Try Timber Trail In Parwanoo? Never! The crowded metro is awesome.

Timber Trail In Parwanoo

Wow! Now this is something surreal! Mark my words, travelers!  The hill station surrounded by greenery has a lot of attractions to offer. It has the famous Timber Trail which is surely going to unleash the kid in you. Take a break from the boring over-crowded metros in your city and steal a moment of ecstasy in Parwanoo. It also has the famous Mughal Gardens, Cactus Garden and Fruit Orchards. So? What are you waiting for?

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10. Check mushroom farming in Solan? Why? Just cook and eat it!

mushroom farming in Solan

Did you know? Solan is known as the ‘Mushroom City of India’. Mushroom farming is extensively practiced here. And believe me, it’s a delight to watch the farms. More than even savoring a plate of your favorite mushroom dish! Apart from this, there are a few places which are a must for the tourists including Barog, Subathu, Chail, Rajgarh, Majathal Sanctuary, etc.

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11. Taragarh offers you to try pottery, but you eat in glass plates. So archaic!


Taragarh has always remained under the veil. It is not very explored by the tourists. But the main attraction here is the Andretta Pottery Village which let’s you try your hand at pottery. Also, there is the annual international para gliding and hand gliding competition, held here! So, wanna try it out?

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12. You might get a chance to view the snow leopard at Spiti! So? You own a cat and they are all the same!


Take a break from the usual ‘Meow’ and try to listen to a mighty roar, guys! You could be really lucky to see a snow leopard live! It is indeed a cool creature and trust me, once you experience this sight, you would go back and scream it out to the world!

So I am sure you all are convinced about not visiting Himachal anytime soon! For who loves adventure, nature, wildlife, fun & trekking in Himachal these days!!! And if you do, what are you waiting for? Book your trip and GET SET GO!

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