Is Google Maps Scraping Legal?

How Can You Scrape Google Maps Data?

Whether you’re looking for a client for your b2b business or a business partnership, Industry targeted data from Google Maps can help you achieve your goal and maximize the Return on Investment.

And, I will show you how to extract unlimited data from Google Maps legally and easily without coding.

A b2b business or marketing can’t survive without b2b leads. Obviously, they require huge customer data for productive and successful marketing campaigns for business growth. A good b2b sales lead list may include up to thousands of business contact details. There are several ways of scraping data from Google Maps, and most methods typically involve the use of bots and crawlers. However, before going the “illegal” or rather “unethical” line, Google Maps doesn’t provide a direct way to export data from a Google Maps business listing. We can collect this data from Google Maps manually and also with a special Google Map Extractor software. If you want to collect bulk data from Google Maps then you have to use Google Maps Scraper software. Let’s find out what Google Map Extractor tool is, and whether it’s legal or not.

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What Is A Google Maps Data Extractor Software?

A Google Maps data extractor or scraper is a desktop application designed to extract business emails, phone numbers, ratings, reviews, and much more from Google Maps busing profiles and search results by zip codes, locations, URLs, and names.

Google Maps Contact Extractor finds and extracts data from Google Maps business listings and saves the extracted data to a necessary file format, for example, Excel, CSV, or Text file. For collecting data from Google Maps, a Google Maps Scraper usually parse data from Google Maps search results. 

The Advantages Of Using Google Map Extractor Software

Google Maps Listing Scraper lets you automate the process of finding, scraping, exporting, and organizing the Google Maps data to use in marketing campaigns. The main advantage of using Google Maps Lead Extractor is that it can extract data from multiple business listings simultaneously 100 times faster than a human but with 100% accurate results. 

What’s more, the Google Maps Business Extractor can save business information, process it, and provide it in a ready-to-use format for marketing purposes. In brief, the Google Map Extractor extracts the data from Google Maps with the following steps:

  • Google Maps Location Scraper searches for data from Google Maps according to various parameters: Business Names (keywords), Business Listing URLs, location, Zip Code, and other criteria.
  • The Google Maps phone number exporter adds the extracted data to your databases such as Excel, CSV, or Text files to use in mobile marketing campaigns.

Why Do You Need a Google Map Extractor?

A Google Maps database is necessary when it comes to successful telemarketing, email marketing, and commercial offers. Since every commercial offer must be in its target audience and area, the Google Maps database must have specific features and be focused on that area. That way, the Google Maps Contact Information Scraper is the best tool to collect business data from Google Maps area-wise, country-wise, and city-wise. Because you can find data by zip codes and locations.

Many freelancers can complete their Google Maps lead generation projects at a time by using this business scraping tool.

The majority of freelancers point out that they collect business data from Google Maps manually that takes up a significant part of the time. So the software helps you:

·        Find, extract, and collect an extensive database of business owners from Google Maps. 

·        Reduce the time spent on finding, scraping, and organizing data

·        Automate the process of Google Maps Scraping

·        Save the search history and scrape real and targeted business data from the exact location.

Is It Legal To Scrape Data With Google Map Extractor?

No doubt Google Maps scraping is best for b2b business and marketing growth, but you have to follow some basic rules of Google Maps data scraping before scraping data from Google Maps. Basically, data extraction from Google Maps is legal if you are using Google Maps Crawler as it extracts only publicly available data from Google Maps. If the scraped Google Maps data is publicly available, then data scraping is legal. Thus, scraping Google Maps is legal if you collect contacts details that are available for everybody across Google Maps.

Illegal Google Maps scraping involves:

·        Scraping data that is copyrighted

·        Scraping private data that requires logging details such as username and password

You must also check the Google Maps Terms of Use when scraping data. Google Maps data is almost publicly available. Because businesses on Google Maps want to engage customers with their contact information. So, information on Google Maps is publicly available and you can scrape this information legally by using this Google Map scraping tool.


In short, Google Maps Email Extractor is a powerful and legal tool to find business contact information from Google Maps business listings. Google Maps Scraping can be beneficial as long as it is used keeping in mind the terms and conditions of the target website and with respect to any individual whose data has been collected. In the end, data collection with the Google Map Extractor is a completely legal process as it extracts only publicly available business data from Google Maps.

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