Invention and History of St Patrick’s Day 2023

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st patrick's day

Do you know why people celebrate St Patrick’s Day? They believe that on this day Saint Patrick exists and it is the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Generally, it is observed that people do celebrate Irish culture. The celebration process includes various public parades, mesmerizing festivals, and wearing green attire like that of shamrocks. People believe that 17th March is the death anniversary of St Patrick and hence they celebrate it on every March 17. Thus, this day is declared as an Irish holiday and people celebrate it with full of joy. While on the other hand, Americans thought that it is a big party day to drink alcohol.

History of St Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick was the person who claimed that he founded many churches approximately a hundred in number before dying on 17th March. Also, he has tried to convert thousands of pagans. People believe it is known as a holy day in Christianity which was first declared in 1631. It is one of the religious holidays. The day that we celebrate today as “St Patrick’s day” is a product of Irish immigrants who used to live in America. In the early 1700s, it is observed that in many of the major U.S cities people used to initiate parades. These parades also include in Boston and New York City as well apart from major U.S. cities. After a certain period, the Irish population kept on increasing in America and simultaneously people keep on working to celebrate St Patrick’s Day effectively.

In the early 1900s, Americans were busy in wearing green clothes and enjoying corned beef and cabbage on March 17. Also, they were engaged in attending huge parades in different countries.

st patrick's day

The invention of St Patrick’s Day in America

In the 1970s, there was no such day to celebrate in Britain. Currently, there was an extreme conflict in Northern Ireland and people were not at all ready to give some space for an Irish function celebration. People who live in America used to imagine the looks of St Patrick’s Day by the means of a news story in the U.S. Then, they understood why individuals celebrate this day in the form of parades, and parties on every continent. 

Patrick was the man who brought Christianity to Ireland and hence the nation knows him as a patron saint. When the Vatican recognized this day then it became popular and conformed in the year 1631. In the 20th century itself, many of the Irish people do have sentiments towards this day. 

Till the time of 1904, this day was not celebrated with full of parades and public events in Ireland. But after the 1920s and 1950s, there was a huge parade running through Dublin’s Road streets and hence the country chose to close for the whole day. The very first celebration done by a group of elite Irish men was in Boston in the year 1737. In Boston, there was a charitable Irish Society that initially organized St Patrick’s day in thirteen colonies. This was organized in the year 1737 and it was not at all catholic in nature. 

How 17th March is declared as St. Patrick’s Day?

17th March was declared as a national holiday in Ireland. The reason behind this is Saint Patrick died on the same day who have given his time and efforts to bring Christianity to Ireland. The saint died in the very small village of Saul in 461 AD. This village is not far from the town of Downpatrick in Co.

st patrick's day

Celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day

It is declared as a public holiday in many areas like Ireland, Northern Ireland, British overseas territory of Montserrat. People from different countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia are now celebrating this day and hence it is now declared a national festival. Irish Government ministers used to travel to different countries for their official visits so that they can celebrate this day and promote Ireland. The most important time is observed when U.S. President and Irish Prime Minister visit together on or around St Patrick’s day.


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Is it Important to Wear Shamrocks on this Day?

 Shamrocks -  St Patrick’s Day

Yes, it is a ritual to wear shamrocks on this day. It requires green color, green clothing, and green accessories. A shamrock is a three-leaved plant that has a prior meaning and explains the Holy Trinity to pagan Irish.

Thus, Saint Patrick’s Day is known as the festival of Patrick which is held on 17th March. He was a well-known patron saint in Ireland who had his traditional death (c. 385 – c. 461). 

St. Patrick’s Day was declared as an official Christian feast day in the 17th century. People used to celebrate the heritage and Irish culture by wearing green accessories or attire. Also, there is a strict restriction to drink alcohol on this day which is been encouraged by individuals with respect to the holiday titration of alcohol consumption.

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