What’s The Difference Between Link Bait and ‘Ego Bait’?

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There are many websites that use “link bait” to attract web surfers into clicking on their site. These sites might have a headline with a catchy phrase that is designed to hook people in and generate traffic. As the name suggests, link bait is designed to create links which can result in an increase of pageviews for the website.

Whether you are a blogger or someone who is just starting out on their blog, it is important to know how to differentiate these terms. What does this mean for your blog? Find out in this article!

What is Link Bait?

Some people may use the term “link bait” to describe content that is manipulative and designed to attract readers, specifically by using catchy or attention-grabbing headlines. This can be contrasted with “ego bait,” which is content that is intentionally designed to provoke an emotional response from the reader.

Both types of bait can be effective in attracting readers and driving traffic to a website or blog, but there are important distinctions to make between them. Link bait is generally harmless and simply intended to generate interest in a post or website; ego bait, on the other hand, can be harmful and manipulative if not used correctly.

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What is Ego Bait?

Ego bait is a technique used in marketing and advertising that involves luring people in with an enticing offer, only to later reveal that the offer is actually motivated by the interests or desires of the person being marketed to. Ego bait often takes the form of a sly comment or an unexpected turn in the conversation, and can be effective in generating interest and engagement.

Example of Good Link Bait

Link baiting is a technique used in online marketing to induce clicks from web visitors by creating links that are seemingly helpful but actually have an ulterior motive.

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Example of Poor Link Bait

One of the most common types of link bait is “ego bait.” This type of bait attempts to lure in readers by enticing them with something that will make them feel good about themselves. This could be anything from highlighting the reader’s accomplishments to complimenting their style. While this type of link bait may seem harmless, it can actually be counterproductive if used incorrectly.

One example of an ego bait tactic is using a link to a blog post that focuses on one’s own interests. For example, if the writer is a fitness enthusiast, they might include links to articles that discuss different exercises or diets. While this may be helpful for the writer, it’s not likely to interest readers who are not familiar with their topic. In addition, linking to personal blog posts can also lead to competition and back-and-forth between bloggers. This type of interaction can be off-putting for readers who just want information on one subject.

Another common mistake made with ego bait links is overpromoting them. For example, if a blogger has written an article on how to improve your blog traffic, they might include links to other blog posts that claim to do the same thing.

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When writing or marketing any type of content, it’s important to be aware of the different types of bait that can be used to lure in readers or viewers. ‘Ego bait’ is a term used to describe content that appeals to ego and tries to get the reader/viewer involved in the story or video in some way. While this type of bait can be effective in getting people engaged with your content, it’s important to be mindful of how much engagement you’re seeking and whether it’s worth sacrificing quality for quantity. Link bait, on the other hand, is simply using links as a way to get people interested in your content. Whether you’re linking out to other relevant articles or providing valuable information on your own site, link baiting is an effective way to draw people into your content and keep them there.

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