How do I Import OST File in Outlook 2019, 2016?


Summary: This blog will address an issue that is asked by nearly everyone these days – how do I transfer an OST file into Outlook 2019? Microsoft has created the most recent version Outlook 2019 that includes various improvements and remarkable features to users. So moving from an old version to the latest version will involve the import from an OST file which has outdated information. To do this, we will require Regain OST to PST converter tool to convert OST files into Outlook.

  1. What is Microsoft Outlook 2019?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients. Microsoft Outlook is essentially used to store, transmit and receive information from users. This includes schedules, contacts messages, notes, and more. Since Outlook is a common tool among large organizations to have emails for their members. Each user of Outlook must be aware of the storage of their data and improvements it can bring to them like OST as well as PST files.

  1. What is an OST File?
  • The most complete version of OST is an offline storage table, while PST is a the personal table of storage. They are two distinct versions of Outlook.
  • PST archives all messages as well as emails from the inbox, along with the associated information from MS Outlook.
  • The OST file is a complete version of Exchange Server to contain Outlook details.

The OST File format is usable at any point that the user requires working using Outlook even in disconnected mode. Therefore, it is an all-encompassing question for all users “how do I import an OST file in Outlook 2019?

Outlook Data Files (.ost) are used when you have the MS Exchange record and you require working in an offline mode. They’re now a storage device that could be used again when the user changes between systems for any reason. There could be situations when it is necessary to access Outlook offline data files OST records on a second computer in another system, which will require Outlook.

Since you’re now acquainted of OST documents, lets discuss about the most important motives to import OST file to MS Outlook.

  1. Why are Users Willing to Import OST File in Outlook?

The conversion of the backup OST file converted into PST format permits the user to transfer data from one location to another. The users can then transfer the data they have collected onto an additional system. It is possible that MS Exchange server could crash or a malicious attack could be carried out. In such situations, this transformed file will ensure backup and security of the information.

  1. How do I transfer an OST file into Outlook 2019 Freely?
    1. Method 1 – Using Archive Feature

Outlook lets users document and save information by converting all information in the OST file to PST format. As it happens it does not allow the file-sharing of contact information. The steps to take are as follows:

1. Start MS Outlook, then open the OST file from the location you’d like to import your information.

2. Click on file, select Info, and finally clean up.

3. Choose the archive. Select the folder that holds the OST file.

4. If you are unsure, provide a date the information is more recent.

5. Please indicate the destination.

6. Click OK.

  1. Method 2 – Through Import/Export Wizard

In this way it is necessary for the user to sign in to Outlook using his or her MS Exchange account that was originally used to create an OST file. The procedures to follow are

1. Go to Files, then select open & Export. After that, click Import and Export.

2. Find the OST file and select Next.

3. Choose the OST file, then click Next.

4. Choose the destination where you would like to export the information.

5. Click Next.

We have discussed manual ways to import or add OST files in Outlook then save these files in the correct OST destination. This method works, but it does have some limitations. We will discuss its disadvantages in the next section that you could confront.

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  1. Drawbacks/Disadvantages of the Manual Method
  • Manual methods are not able to retrieve Exchange mailboxes from OST files. When Exchange fails, OST files are the sole source for data.
  • There aren’t any manual methods for transform OST data into the format of PST. It is necessary to have an identical Exchange account to use an OST file using an alternative Exchange account.
  • They are not able to help convert to corrupt Outlook information files. Outlook email users cannot open corrupted OST files. In this situation, manual conversion from OST to PST conversion is practically impossible.
  • In order to carry out the manual procedure you must be able to perform the task with technical expertise. To eliminate the limitations and issues of the process of adding the OST files to Outlook Third-party software may be utilized.

However, you do not have to fret about these issues as you can solve them easily by changing OST files to PST. Follow this procedure using the Regain OST Converter. It’s a safe and fully OST Conversion utility that sends out a variety of off-line Outlook data files into Outlook PST format. After that, these PST files are able to be opened in Outlook. It can also export OST items like Emails calendars, contacts, Calendars as well as Tasks and other Outlook items. This OST Recovery tool is program-driven software that comes with various functions that set it apart from other alternatives. It offers a superior option to hand-operated methods. options of email clients and conversions.

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  1. Conclusion

The world is changing each day, and that is why technological advances are taking place. The software is upgraded to new versions, which include new features and improvements. As the versions change it is necessary to transfer information from earlier versions. It is important to transfer the data from previous versions. Outlook software stores the information in an OST file that it is then imported in the latest version. This is why it becomes the issue of ‘how to import an OST file into Outlook 2019? Thus this blog provides all of the details you need to understand the best methods for importing OST mailbox items into Outlook.

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