A Brief Analysis of Crypto Currencies – How Crypto Winter affects Ethereum Price

Ethereum Price

Ethereum is a software platform that is based on a blockchain. The application is useful for transferring and receiving capital across the globe with its native cryptocurrency. Ethereum price need not require any third-party interference to complete this process. It is been observed that the cryptocurrency market is dropping down. Here, we will see different aspects that enhanced the capital fall in the crypto market.

What does Crypto Stand For?

In simple terms, cryptocurrencies are a complete software system. It is used to provide transactional functionality to individuals with the help of internet. The complete process is based on a blockchain database system which is known as decentralized nature. One of the drastic phases, when crypto faces a lot, was the month of November. FTX was known as the biggest and fastest crypto exchange across the globe. It was also declared bankrupt on 11th November. After that there was a sudden drop in bitcoin price which was stated in number as $20,000 to under $16,000 and was not recovered afterward. Similarly, there was a drop in Ethereum price from $1,600 to $1,200.

Cryptocurrency Ethereum Price – One of the Secure and Unalterable Transaction Process

Cryptocurrency is known to be a decentralized transaction process that is completely secure and unalterable. Thus, all the transactions are disorganized and they will be added as a block till the time transactions are not settled and recorded. These blocks are added to a blockchain which can be seen publicly. All the mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum price, Dash, and much more need to work for compiling the recent transactions into blocks. The users can go through various online bitcoin mining sites which are effective to earn money.

Ethereum Price

Crypto process before the fall of FTX

Till the FTX was introduced in the market, there was a hike in crypto prices. Bitcoin and Ethereum prices were at peak and reclaimed at $20,000 and above $1,600 respectively more than a month. But the prices were lowered after the declaration of FTX’s bankruptcy in the market on 2nd November.

Crypto Winter – How it started, ended and effects Cryptocurrencies

Crypto winter is the time when there is a huge contraction of prices which lasts long for an extended period. It believes that crypto winter was introduced in the year 2022 at the time of Russia Ukraine conflict. Initially, it was started in January 2018 and exists till December 2020. This is the first time when Crypto winter was introduced in 2018. At this moment, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum price have lost more than half of their market capital.

End of Crypto Winter

According to Fadirepo, it will take a lot of time and effort to bear the market. Thus, nobody is sure till when this crypto winter will be ended. There might be a chance that in 2024, we can see some boost in the market. These are the natural cycles of cryptocurrency, sometime there will be a huge fall and sometimes you will see a bull run in the process. As per the findings of experts, they believe the next bitcoin halving is going to push the market upwards early to mid-2024. Yes, it is crypto’s nature that many individuals think it is the downtime and now crypto is dead. While after some time it comes back. 

Ethereum Price

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What is the role of crypto investors at the time of crypto winter?

If you are an investor and looking to initiate with any of the cryptocurrencies like Ethereum price, bitcoin, etc. Then, this is the time when you can start your homework and avail a complete understanding of the market. FTXs have already highlighted the various risks that people invest their capital in the crypto market. Thus, it will be good for new investors to read the terms of service and user agreements in detail.

Do you have a crypto wallet? If not, then this is the best time to get it done. There are two kinds of wallets, hot and cold wallets. It is advisable to choose cold wallets as these are the secure option available for all users. In this process, the user’s token will be stored on hardware that has no connection to the internet. While hot wallets are easy to access over the internet and hence there are chances to lose the data as of cyber-attacks.

People who are still thinking to start and invest their money in the crypto market. This is the perfect time to understand different ecosystems. You need to learn how technology works for crypto, and what are exciting projects available in the pipeline like web3, metaverse, and NFTs. It is better to devote some time to invest in learning the crypto world. Go through the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, dash, and Ethereum price and check whether you are comfortable initiating an investment in cryptocurrency. 

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