What is the Difference Between a Café and Restaurant?

Difference Between a Café and Restaurant

People are extremely busy these days. Being in a hectic schedule, a person does not get time to cook and eat properly, and thus a preference for eating places increased a lot. Many individuals have choices for a specific eatery place or at other times, they just look for a place situated nearby their house. Sometimes, business meetings also take place at a specific place preferably an eatery place such as a café or a restaurant. Thus, one should understand the real meaning of Café and Restaurant. Here, we will discuss the same in detail so that you will be getting an appropriate picture of both and the differences between them.

Common Differences Between – Café and Restaurants

Many of us are still not clear exactly about what a café and restaurant are. However, nothing to get confused about, let us find out below: 

· Café


The word ‘Café’ derives from the Turkish word “kahve” meaning coffee. Because of this meaning, the café serves a variety of coffee. According to the sources, the first café was opened in 1550 in Constantinople. During that time, this place served coffee to the professionals where they sit together and conduct a meeting with a cup of coffee. 

However, with the changing time, the trend of café scattered all over. Today, cafes serve not just coffee but light snacks such as brownies and cookies. It has become the best hang-out place for students, friends, and dates. 

· Restaurant 


Restaurant word originated from the French word ‘restaurer’ meaning restore. It is a place where people eat and enjoy drinks. Overall, a restaurant is a place where a person can experience wholesome fine dining and a huge variety of drinks. As per the resources, the First restaurant was established in Paris in the year 1765. It was the initiative of a soup vendor. Later, some restaurants started serving specialized dishes or continental food too. 


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A Brief Note and Understanding on a Café and a Restaurant? 

Follow the below points which state the specific differences between a restaurant and a café. 

1. Cafe proffer beverages and snacks. One can open a café in a small place with little furniture but can think of out-of-the-box ideas to make it attractive. On the other hand, restaurants need large spaces where families, friends, and colleagues can dine together. An owner of a restaurant requires a bigger place with quality furniture. 

2. Some of the cafes even arrange live events and games for their customers while restaurants focus on serving high-quality and delicious food, clean washrooms, and drinks. 

3. Basically, both cafes and restaurants serve beverages and food. However, cafes specifically serve quick bites while restaurants serve platters, beverages, and desserts. 

4. People think of a visit to a restaurant when they are extremely hungry. Café on the other hand is used for sitting relaxed and having a cup of coffee after dinner or lunch. 

5. Cafes do not offer huge-sized meals but restaurants provide specialized food items in the category of foods like Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Mughlai, and other types of food in a restaurant. 

6. You can book a restaurant for a party as well. If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday party or your wedding anniversary, or any other event, you can book the restaurant a few days prior. A restaurant will charge you per plate cost. You can decide the menu for guests as well. Unfortunately, this is not possible in a café. 

7. A café can serve dozens of drinks prepared in different ways whereas a restaurant focuses on food preparation more as compared to beverages. 

8. Restaurant menu includes food a person wants to eat. Their menu includes beverages without any specific requirement such as lemonade, tea, coffee, etc. A café serves only and only beverages. 

9. A person takes at least 12-15 minutes to decide from the menu card in a restaurant while it takes only a minute to jump on the decision in Café.

10. A restaurant is a noisy place where people chat while having their lunch, dinner, or breakfast. A café is a quiet place with less seating capacity in comparison to a restaurant. One cannot hold a meeting in a restaurant but can hold it in a café.

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Towards the End:

Although, a café is a type of restaurant made in a small place with no large food establishments. You can say that a fast-food platform and buffet are similar but you cannot say the same for cafés and restaurants. Still, there is a thin line of difference between the two as both are from different niches

As cafes are considered best for artistic people and restaurants are the best for a food experience. Besides the food on the plate, restaurants offer food for the soul. Whenever you say what is the difference between a café and a restaurant, just think of your real need.

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