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Masako Katsura

Masako Katsura is a professional billiards participant who was also awarded with the name of “First woman of billiards.” Katsura was just 14 years old when she learned and started gambling billiards. In the 1920s, billiards was popular in Tokyo and hence her mother used to tell Katsura to learn and play this game. She grew up under the guidance and care of her mother. The reason behind this is her father handed her away to Masako’s mother.

Age, death, and measurements of Masako Katsura

Masako Katsura was born on 7th March 1913 in Tokyo. Her nickname was “Katsy.” A little information is there when she was in Japan. Once, when she was coming back to Japan and suffered a heart attack. Then, she died in 1995. As per records, her height is 1.52 meters while her weight is not yet known. Also, nobody knows about her hair and eye colors.

Masako Katsura

Know more aboutMasako Katsura!!

  • She used to learn billiards from her brother-in-law and was known as Japan’s lady expert player. She has done wonders in billiards in the time of 1950s.
  • She learned billiards game from Kinrey Matsuyama also who was an eastern champion. Masako Katsura played numerous games and then moved back to Japan in 1990 and left us in 1995.
  • Katsura worked a lot with her complete determination and hard work and improved her playing billiards to a great extent. After this moment, she used to participate in various competitions mainly against opponents of Japanese male gamers.
  • When she was just 15, started playing like a pro and travelled to various countries like China, Japan, and Taiwan to participate in competitions following her sisters.
  • Masako Katsura enhanced her career and boosted it in the year 1937 whilst she met a well-known Japanese billiards player, Kinney Matsuyama. 
Masako Katsura

Kinney coached Katsura and told her how to enhance and grow her billiards play to make it professional.

  • Kinney has also received various eastern 3-cushion championships and many rewards. He also received US countrywide championship in the year 1934 and several awards. Now, under Kinney’s guidance,
  • Masako Katsura developed her skills to a great extent. 1947 was her year and she became the best professional billiard legendary player in Japan.
  • In 1948, Katsura got 2nd position when she participated in the three-cushion championship.
  • Also, she played against many male billiard gamers which helped her to encourage females to play billiards.
  • Katsura became an icon for other individuals when she scored 10,000 points in a rail game that was played in four and a half hours.
  • After knowing this tremendous story, it concludes that such people like Masako Katsura may die but they always stay and remembered because of their work, records, and reminiscences.
  • At the time of second international conflict, there was a drop in her billiards profession. She took this into another way to enhance her career skills and started playing with American troops.
  • This has whilst her struggle and now she is known across international locations. In 1951, Katsura moved to California to play billiards.
  • In America, there was a male dominating element to play games. While, on the other hand, Katsura played and made a record in the world three-cushion billiards tournament in the year 1952. After this, she became the first female to finish it.
Masako Katsura

Some interesting facts about Masako Katsura

1. Books written by Katsura – She tried and wrote books related to billiards games. These books were published in Japan

2. Family – She was born on 7th March 1913 in Tokyo and had three sisters and one brother. She is not alive and died in 1995. So, she completed her 82 years and was known for her billiards profession. Katsura was called as “Women of billiards” when she participated in a worldwide billiard competition. 

3. Love life of Katsura – She met Sergeant Vernon Greenleaf who was an American Serviceman at the time of playing exhibition matches for yank troops. Greenleaf was already impressed by Katsura’s performance and gaming abilities. He asked her to make him learn and then they started loving each other and got married in 1950. They shifted and got settled in the United States and lived happily till 1967 after that Greenleaf died. They do not have children nor she remarries again.

4. Net worth – According to online resources, the net worth of Masako Katsura is $ 6 Million USD.

  • Masako Katsura was an entity that was popular for his billiards profession.
  • She did wonders and make her family, and country proud. She is always loved for her tremendous performances which are unforgettable.
  • Katsura’s occupation was carom billiards player and her hometown was in Japan, Tokyo.
  • She represented many ladies at a global sports activity across the globe and encourage them to play billiards games. This is the reason; people do not forget Katsura and adore her to the next level.

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