Florida’s State’s – “Don’t Say Gay Bill” – Long Shameful History

Don’t Say Gay Bill

The parental rights in education bill owned in Florida have made the sunshine state to ground zero at the time of America’s culture wars. As per the commitment of signed law by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. It was concluded in the bill that there will be no discussion about sexual orientation or identity of gender in the state’s public schools. For example, kindergarten through the third grade. The parents have the complete right to sue respective school districts that provide exposure to their children which is appropriate as per their age standards. Here we will discuss what is don’t say gay bill and its history in Florida.

What does an Earlier Version of the don’t say gay bill stands for?

If we talk about the earlier version of the don’t say gay bill. Then, it states that required trainers to disclose the candidate’s sexual orientation to their guardians like parents after learning that they were not straight. Thus, there was a fear that this will finish LGBTQ history in Florida’s public education schools. This will finally expose the institutes to a flood of lawsuits. The respective bill was also seen as an attempt to utilize the idea of parental rights to criticize LGBTQ individuals which are stated by the White House.

Don’t Say Gay Bill

Know more about – don’t say gay bill recently introduced in Florida

The updated federal version was introduced recently in which they ask to prohibit the use of federal resources to teach candidates related to sexual activity and sexual orientation. The resources that are used to know about gender identity, dysphoria, and transgenderism all should be banned in the country. It was not sure that the title given as “Stop the sexualization of children act” will be conveyed and passed into law. This is when the democrats were controlling the house and senate. The results were different and offers Rep. Mike Johnson, the Louisiana Republican who were the main individuals to propose the bill. Also, it needs to be updated that his 33 co-signers and all republicans got a chance to get it passed.

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Ugly Law in Florida has a Shameful History of don’t say gay bill

The state has disclosed that there was several students who are coming out as gay. The state has also claimed that being LGBTQ+ is not a constant period. Also, it was concluded that the governor’s press secretary conveys that their opponents are blaming students for sexual abuse. These opponents came forward and expressed their feelings fearlessly with candidates. A gay senator has tried to offer a tearful speech without mentioning himself as “gay.” 

In January, Parental rights in education were introduced in the Florida House and Senate. The chief sponsor of the Senate whose name was Dennis Baxley claimed that there is a requirement to increase parents’ involvement in their kid’s schooling. When records are taken from the March debate on a similar issue, it was concluded that young people are coming as gay or under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. People used to face such challenges related to gender and sexuality. This was the shameful history of don’t say gay bill. As per the statement of Ileana Garcia, LGBT is not a permanent state of mind and it is not said as a bad thing.

Don’t Say Gay Bill
MIAMI, FLORIDA – MARCH 09: People protest in front of Florida State Senator Ileana Garcia’s (FL-R) office after the passage of the Parental Rights in Education bill, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by LGBTQ activists on March 09, 2022 in Miami, Florida. The bill passed by the Florida Senate and House would limit what classrooms can teach about sexual orientation and gender identity. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


Some of the Ugly Facts of Florida are Stated Below:

1. Christina Pushaw (Gov. Ron DeSantis’s press secretary) has tweeted that “don’t say gay bill” is actually called an “anti-grooming bill.” People who are against this bill are meant to denounce the grooming of their children who are under 4-8 years old. This statement got lots of criticism from many people. While on the other hand, some individuals like anti-LGBTQ+ have found it appropriate that it is quite good to let their children learn about sexual abuse.

2. Sen Shevrin Jones who was known as a Gay democrat had cried a lot after listening to the debate over legislation. Jones added that after telling his truth, he was not aware that church members will ask his father and friends not to tell him. While there were some lawmakers in Florida who defended their humanity while conveying and addressing their colleagues. 

3. There were some well-known celebrities and political identities like President Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg. They pointed out that this can enhance the mental health risk in people and they might proceed to commit suicide.

4. It is important that children must be aware of themselves and learn things with peace. This statement was conveyed by GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. Thus, they meant that there is nothing wrong in having a discussion if you are LGBTQ or even talking about a same matter as people from LGBTQ families and history.

The “don’t say gay bill” of Florida grants permission to discriminate and hence many problems are processing rapidly. Such problems are not good for the surroundings and make it unsafe. It is important that everyone should speak and raise their voice for vulnerable youth and families living in Florida as well as across the country.

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