Hallmark Unique Identification Number(HUID) in Terms of Gold Jewellery

HUID number on gold jewelry

The full form of HUID is the Hallmark Unique Identification number which is mentioned in gold jewellery. The concept was introduced in the market so that people will not misuse gold jewellery. Customers who are interested in purchasing gold from the jewellery shop should check the BIS mark. The mark is been hallmarked by the BIS which is elaborated as “Bureau of Indian Standards.” If your gold product contains the BIS mark then it declares that your material is authentic and completely pure. 

How BIS Mark Engraved on Gold?

The products are sent to laboratories which are highly technical and certified. The professionals who are hired in such laboratories work with complete dedication and validate the purity of gold. Once all the processes are done in the laboratory, and the proficient team finds the quality of the product to be pure they engrave the BIS mark on the respective material. 

Definition of Hallmark Unique Identification Number in Terms of Gold Jewellery

Have you checked the website of the Department of Consumer Affairs? We have examined and noted that a user can collect the information from the hallmark. It consists of 3 symbols which are helpful in collecting the desired information. Let us discuss, what are these 3 symbols available in a hallmark.

· BIS Logo 

· Purity of material


The above-mentioned points are the 3 symbols which are introduced in a HUID number. Therefore, it is always recommended customers that they should check the HUID number before purchasing any kind of jewellery made in gold.

HUID number on gold jewelry

What is the Motive of the HUID Number? 

It is simple that the government wishes to provide pure material to their customers. HUID number declared because of one motive that to ensure the complete purity and fineness of the gold material. In case, the laboratory team who are examining the purity finds any malpractice they will immediately leave to mention the HUID number on the gold jewellery. Hence, it helps the users to avail the of authentic products as they are spending their hard-earned money.

Usages of Hallmark Unique Identification Number

· Each product of gold is been examined before engraving the hallmark number on the respective item.

· Any item you purchase from the jewellery shop will be pure and authentic if this BIS mark is available on the gold item.

· Each gold product has its own unique identifier which is easy to differentiate.

Steps to Verify Your Hallmark Unique Identification Number 

Now, the question arises of how to check if your HUID number mentioned on the gold product is valid or not. Here, we will discuss the important steps by which you can easily validate your hallmark unique identification number.

We have concluded the following steps as per the tweet mentioned on the BIS’s official account available on the Twitter social media platform. They have mentioned how common people can verify the HUID number on their own without facing any trouble.

Follow the below steps to check whether your product is authenticated or not:

· Try to search for the BIS Care App on your mobile phone. The application can be easily downloaded from the play store or app store for Android and iPhone users respectively.

· Once you have completed the downloading, try to install the application on your respective mobile phone.

· In a similar application, you are asked to check the “verify HUID” option available in the BIS Care App.

· Now, search the section given as “check licensing details” in the BIS Care App. This section will assist you with the legality of ISI-branded materials.

HUID number on gold jewelry

What is the Purpose of Hallmarked Gold Jewellery?

· The main purpose of hallmarked gold jewellery is authentication and ease of traceability. 

· With the help of a unique identifier, we can easily trace the purity and fineness of the gold jewellery. 

· With such concepts, the complaints related to purity are diminished as hallmarked jewellery helped people to attain authentic gold products.

· Another purpose of hallmarked gold jewellery is to examine if there is any fraud happening with the product. 

· Hallmark Unique Identifier System is known to be a safe and secure process as per the statement of the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Hence, it is always important to keep in mind and check the HUID number before purchasing any sort of gold jewellery from the market. 

Steps to be Taken Before Choosing Any Gold Product from the Market

1. Generally, people prefer to purchase jewellery on any of the special festivals and occasions. So, whenever you are planning to purchase gold accessories, it is important to see the HUID number and hallmark symbol on the respective material. In this way, you will be sure that the product is completely genuine and pure.

2. With the help of the hallmark symbol, the consumers will get an assurance from the third party that the gold product is pure and authentic. Another point that you should ensure while shopping for the gold item from the market is to attain the hallmark certificate. With the help of this certificate, it is possible to sell the respective gold jewellery. 

3. Do you know, that hallmarked gold jewellery is allowed to be sold in 256 districts? These districts’ names are available internet, for more information try to find it on any of the search engines. The country should have at least one centre for “Assaying and Hallmarking.”

4. In today’s world, at least three lakhs of gold jewellery are hallmarked on a daily basis which is quite a good number of successes in the jewellery market.

5. For availing of the information on hallmark symbols, you need to check the mentioned number on the BIS mark. As discussed above, the first symbol represents the logo of BIS, and then in the second symbol, you can check the sign of purity and fineness. While in the third symbol of the hallmark, the unique identification number is the HUID of the gold item. Therefore, it is important to check all these three symbols before buying any gold jewellery.

HUID number on gold jewelry

Why HUID Number is Important and Its Significance in Real Life?

· Hallmark unique identification number helps to trace the gold jewellery even if it is a single-piece product stated as per the department. 

· HUID provides pure product and guarantees the fineness of the gold jewellery.

· It is one of the safe and most secure systems available where you will find no risk of data privacy.

· The process of HUID is helpful in delivering the transparency and complete rights to the consumers to take objection in case of any vulnerable activity observed. 

· At the time of registration of gold jewellery, there is no role played by the human as it is created automatically.

· The Bureau of Indian Standards are responsible for fixing the entity on any of the gold jewellery which afterwards is called as a Hallmark. This ensures the fineness and purity of the product.

· With the help of the HUID number on gold jewellery, you will be free from any mishap or cheating. Thus, it is a great invention to prevent consumers from being cheated or fraud.

· Another importance of the HUID number is to grab the quality of the product. It is the foremost benefit which helps the consumer to purchase a quality product. 

· Once you purchase the gold item, and at the time of re-selling the product you will be able to attain a good comeback price. Because of its pure quality guaranteed by the jewellers, the consumers will get a handsome amount at the time of re-sold.

· If you are planning to take any loans from the bank then it can be a good option if the mortgaged jewellery is authenticated and hallmarked. In such cases, banks will surely help you by giving you a good amount of loans.

What are the Different Categories of Hallmarked Gold Jewellery?

As per our concluded data from the government websites, there are three categories of hallmarked jewellery. The same is stated in the below points.

1. 22K916 – This type of hallmark category declares that the gold quality is 22 carats and 91.6 per cent is the piece of gold jewellery.

2. 18K750 – This type of hallmark category declares that the gold quality is 18 carat and 75 per cent is the piece of gold jewellery.

3. 14K585 – This type of hallmark category declares that the gold quality is 14 carats and 58.5 per cent is the piece of gold jewellery.

Have a Look at The Government Initiatives and Establishment of Different Schemes

1. Gold Monetization Scheme

This scheme was established on 5th November 2015 by the government of India. In such contexts, the BIS has given fruitful efforts in finalizing and completing the implementation of this scheme. BIS has associated with the Department of Economic Affairs as well as the Reserve Bank of India to finalize this Gold Monetization Scheme. Under this mentioned scheme, some of the centres named “Assaying and Hallmarking” were introduced which are recognized by the BIS. These ensure that the product quality is completely fine and act as the Collection and Purity Testing centres. These are also called as CPTCs.

2. Gold Control Act

Do you know, in the year 1962 our government allowed some restrictions on the production as well as on the transaction of gold? Because of such restrictions, Gold Control Act was launched in the year 1968. At that time, it was noticed that because of the excessive import of gold items, the Indian rupee was drastically devaluated and affected. 

3. Indian Gold Coin

The prime minister launched the first national gold coin which is called as Indian Gold coin in the year 2015.

HUID number on gold jewelry

Frequently Asked Questions

· What is the method to check the HUID number on gold jewellery?

You can find the HUID number on every piece of gold jewellery. The laboratory centres work to engrave an identity on each gold item at the time of hallmarking. This identity is unique for every gold item which helps to identify the product at any place. Assaying & Hallmarking team is responsible for stamping the unique identification number on the gold jewellery. 
The method of checking the HUID number is simple, by downloading the BIS Care App on your mobile phone and following the instructions as displayed. Once you complete the installation of the BIS Care App, try to enter the 6-digit HUID number asked in the application. This will help you to know the authenticity and quality of the gold product.

· Is The HUID number on gold jewellery mandatory?

Yes, the government announced that it is mandatory to engrave the HUID number on gold jewellery from 1st April 2023. You can see a 6-digit alphanumeric code on any of your gold products purchased from the jewellery shop. The HUID number consists of numbers as well as letters. 

· I wish to verify my hallmark HUID – How can I proceed with the same?

If you are willing to verify your hallmark HUID number whether it is correct or fake, then try to download the BIS Care application which is government approved. You can download it on your mobile phone and then enter the 6-digit number to verify whether the HUID number is true or fake. Try to do this process before you proceed to purchase the gold item from the market.

· How HUID provides benefits to the consumers?

The hallmark unique identification number provides numerous benefits to its consumers. The number is automatically generated and gets registered without any intervention of humans. The main purpose of registering the gold items with a HUID number is that ensures the product is genuine and completely pure quality. You can also protect yourself from any kind of fraud. Thus, the Department of Consumer Affairs declared HUID as a safe and secure way to be free from type cheating or fraud in the market.
We hope that we have covered almost all the topics of HUID numbers on gold jewellery. Try to follow the important points discussed above to be free from any fraudulence in the huge jewellery market. Hallmark unique identification number helps to check the quality of the gold and each product consists of a unique identifier number

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