Is There Any Interference Between Methotrexate and Covid Vaccine?

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Methotrexate and Covid Vaccine

Methotrexate is used to calm the human immune system. Generally, doctors prescribe this medicine for different diseases related to immune-medicated inflammatory issues. What if a person takes methotrexate and covid vaccine? In such circumstances, there will be no risk of disease in the human body if the patient was taking methotrexate medication and stopped it after taking the vaccination dose of COVID-19. As per the studies, it is sentenced that because of covid vaccine, the body will generate a higher anti-receptor binding domain and enhanced immunogenicity which will help to fight high-risk diseases.

Interference Between Methotrexate and Covid Vaccine

What Are the Usages of Taking Methotrexate?

1. The intake of this medicine helps to prevent human body cells from any attack. 
2. The medicine is used to decrease the inflammation of swollen and stiff joints which is observed in rheumatoid arthritis. 
3. This medicine is not a painkiller and used to cure diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Is There Any Interference Between Methotrexate and Covid Vaccine?

As per reports and various studies, it concludes that after taking the COVID vaccination if the person is receiving MTX then it will decrease the immune response of the human system. While if they hold MTX after taking influenza vaccination then it will result in increasing the immunogenicity.

How MTX Influences the Immune System?

Interference Between Methotrexate and Covid Vaccine

Earlier, MTX was used to cure rheumatologic problems and was approved for treating chemotherapy for cancer. If the doctor prescribes lower doses to a patient, then it works differently to treat inflammatory rheumatic problems. Therefore, to treat conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, you will be prescribed to take less dosage in comparison to cancer treatment.
Thus, MTX is used as an “antiproliferative” medication. It helps the body with stopping cells from replication.
With the intake of MTX tablets, the activities of different types of protein and cells will get reduced which is required in an immune system functioning like T and B cells.

What Studies Say, If You Take MTX and Get COVID Vaccine

MTX helps the human body to prevent the immune system. While it is been seen that after taking vaccination, there is a weaker response in the human body. In simple terms, you can understand that if the person is on MTX and gets a COVID vaccine then he will not get that much protection from the process as compared to the person who is not taking MTX tablets. This was sentenced after a random trial was done when 300 rheumatoid arthritis patients were injected with the COVID vaccine in South Korea.
In the above trial which went a few years ago, the team divided the patients into two categories. In one category they split half of the patients who were taking MTX after the COVID vaccine while the other category stopped the intake of MTX after vaccination.
After this procedure, the researchers did a study and measured the antibodies level in these patients after 4 weeks. The study says the patients who have stopped taking this medicine after vaccination has a satisfactory level of antibodies as compared to other category patients.

Is it Required to Stop Methotrexate After COVID Vaccination?

Interference Between Methotrexate and Covid Vaccine

The initial research and studies declared that patients taking MTX have a decreased response to COVID vaccination. Still, it is advisable for more trials and research to be done by experts and proficient people. The professionals recommend holding the dosage of methotrexate after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.
1. As per the American College of Rheumatology studies, it states the patient should stop the intake of MTX for one or two weeks after taking the COVID-19 vaccine dose.
2. The National Psoriasis Foundation has guided their patients who were ready to take the mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccination to continue the oral therapies for psoriasis and arthritis. 
People got confused that which medicine or medication should be taken after covid. Especially the MTX patients, as we have seen lots of research and studies work on such patients to attain the final report. 
Thus, follow the below important points if you still have methotrexate and covid vaccine doubts.
1. Try to understand and examine yourself before getting the COVID-19 vaccine, if you have any allergies to the vaccination or the ingredients used in it.
2. The COVID-19 vaccine will increase the antibodies in the human body and hence it will provide complete protection. But people who are taking MTX should stop the intake of medication once they get the COVID-19 vaccination.
3. It completely depends on the doctors’ choice, some of them ask their patients to hold MTX for one or two weeks. While the other organizations and doctors do not ask them to stop methotrexate.
4. So, holding the medication dosage of methotrexate after getting the COVID-19 vaccine is to be done under your doctor’s supervision. He can guide you to the best solution and precaution for your body. The doctor is responsible for taking good care of your health and he knows the best choice for you. So, follow your doctor’s guidelines and proceed accordingly.

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