An Overview of India’s Best Clothing Brands

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The Indian apparel industry has developed essentially, leading to new brands. Furthermore, this has given an extraordinary chance to form planners who need to influence the universe of design and style.

The nature of the texture, toughness, and configuration plays a significant part in introducing yourself before others and how you feel about yourself. Also, get a 30% massive discount on your product using Proud Poppy Clothing Coupon Code.

The Best Clothing Brands In India

1-Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans is one of the unique dress brands in India, which has had the option to construct a top-notch standing for itself because of its great clothing items.

It has a broad scope of people’s clothing and addresses a good yet contemporary style, with its wide range of tea-shirts, pants, shirts, and coats.

Its garments talk clearly about the brand’s design sense, effortlessness, and style perspectives. The costs of these outfits are sensible and stylish, which implies you will get a decent quality item at a reasonable cost range.


FabIndia is a notable clothing brand founded in 1975 by John Bissell. It has a broad scope of accessible garments and represents considerable authority in different customary specialties of India. Back in the mid-eighties, FabIndia sold hand-woven and hand-printed texture articles of clothing. However, it likewise stretched out its items to non-material assortments like natural food varieties, individual consideration items, and hand-tailored gems.

Other than that, FabIndia additionally gives delicate goods, mats, and bed blankets under its image name. Their items are produced using traditional materials, a large number of which are privately obtained, making their things very special.

3-Van Heusen

This apparel brand is the most seasoned in India; Van Heusen is currently one of India’s best clothing brands for shirts and formalwear for men. It sells its items under three significant classifications, particularly Formal Shirts, Casual Shirts, and Formal Trousers. Produced and advertised by Aditya Birla, Van Heusen has a broad scope of exquisite and upscale outfits for all kinds of people in classes, for example, neckwear, pants, polos, shirts, and a lot more than likewise fill in as great as office wear for experts.


This apparel brand has earned worldwide respect and is one of India’s mind-blowing clothing brands today.

Levi’s makes relaxed clothing for people and superior denim and other chic articles of clothing. Generally, to wear quality garments made in the United States, there could be no more significant decision than Levi’s image. They have likewise ventured into coats, shirts, sweaters, etc.


Zara is one of the most fantastic apparel brands in India.

It is an excellent brand for the two children and grown-ups the same. They have garments for each individual from your family, from little children to adults. They offer shoes also. The garments are in vogue as well as agreeable and reasonable. You can’t turn out badly by checking Zara out, assuming you need something upscale yet at a reasonable cost.

6-Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is one of those dress brands in India that is inseparable from class and tastefulness. It required a long investment to make its presentation in Indian stores. Be that as it may, regardless of such a late passage into the Indian market, it has figured out how to set up a good foundation for itself as one of the leading design brands.

Tommy Hilfiger makes great people’s attire that conveys a smooth, metropolitan stylish energy. Whether you decide to wear their exemplary pants or one of their vivid business shirts, you’ll immediately think of yourself as looking a la mode. As well as making clothing for people, Tommy Hilfiger additionally has a line of different items like sheet material and carpets.

7-Peter England

Settled in Bangalore, Peter England is one of India’s most well-known attire brands. The garments created by the brand are excellent, from formal and semi-formal wear to pants, T-shirts, and skirts, and that’s just the beginning. Their suits are likewise very famous among proficient men – with various types, styles, and examples to look over. Peter England provides you with a wide assortment of choices in conventional varieties and more brilliant tones that make solid design explanations.


The rundown above is a manual to assist you with choosing what attire organizations are the best clothing brands in India, whether you incline toward architect duds, ready-to-move shirts, or any attire in any classification.

While cost ought not to be the most excellent component while picking what to wear, it’s significant not to get carried away with planner marks since they’re more costly than the opposition on the lookout.

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