3 Steps On How To Become An Actor And 3 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Acting

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Pursue Acting

Being an actress is every child’s dream, it may be a phase but it is undeniable that almost everyone goes through this. Everyone has dreamt of being the pretty princess or the strong superhero, right? Though, over time these fantasies fade some people are willing to risk becoming an actor. But first, let us get to know the roles and significance of being an actor and 5 reasons why you should pursue being one, so keep on reading.

What do actors/actresses do?

Actors are specifically tasked and trained to perform skits or scripted acts on stage, with cameras, or on any platforms available. They portray a character in performance and perform with the help of a script and the director. There are different types of actors – theatre actors, film, radio (voice actors), and television. To simplify this statement, they bring to life the characters created by playwrights and scriptwriters.

3 Reasons why you should pursue acting

  1. It is a very profitable job

Did you know actors earn a lot just by doing small acting projects? Even as short as a 30-second commercial an actor can earn a lot. Though your pay may vary on the projects you took, it still progresses after all, right?

  • Publicity and reputation

Being an actor helps you create a reputation and build a public figure. This can also help you grab opportunities for bigger acting, commercial, or skits projects. Brand companies usually hire celebrities who are very influential among people nowadays to boost their business name and products. In return, you can gain more supporters and be publicly known for more companies to inquire.

  •  It helps you build your social skills

Since actors/actresses are public figures, they are mostly tasked to collaborate with other actors, directors, and company staff, and interact with fans. This enhances their skills in confidently socializing with other people because along the way, they will meet new people thus it is also their job to get along with them professionally.

How do you become an actor/actress?

Knowing how to change expressions and show emotions is acting, but did you know that actors undergo training and even college degrees? Enlisted below are the steps of becoming an actor.

  1. Train to become an actor

Though there are no formal educational requirements for actors, training and education are good places to start learning. Some actors take a college degree in acting to get in their position. Though some prefer taking summertime lessons, some entertainment agencies have these kinds of services for those who are aspirants.

  • Prepare an acting resume and demo reel

In job interviews, the resumes are the ones the hiring manager scans before letting you perform. Knowing how to list and enumerate your skills in your resume and cover letter will greatly benefit you. Thus, you must know how to effectively showcase your skills even on just written material.

If you are a first-time candidate in acting auditions, your resume is the most important material you need to consider perfecting. The formats and content of your resume and cover letter should be relevant to the job you are applying for. if you are in need of help, the internet could be a great helping hand, with just a browse away, you can find ready-to-use cover letter templates and resume examples.

  • Get signed by an agent

In the early years of your career, being signed by an agent can be very challenging especially when you are someone without experience. But with consistency and improvement, it won’t be a problem. Having an agent beside you will help you get more acting opportunities and build your reputation.

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