Gifts for Employees Under $25

Gifts for Employees Under $25

Everyone loves a gift, no matter its cost. It might seem an arduous task to find gifts under $25 but fret not, we are here with a list of gift items that can fit under your budget.

In this article, we will be focusing on the importance of gifting employees. We will also list gifts that cost less than $25, and that are both functional and affordable.

Why Should You Gift Your Employees?

1. Morale booster

Gifts can boost employee’s morale and spirits.

2. Feeling valued

Receiving gifts can make an employee feel valued by their organization.

3. Motivates employees

Employees get motivated to give their best when they are rewarded with gifts.

4. Effort recognition

Employees feel that their efforts are being recognized when they receive gifts.

5. Job satisfaction

Receiving gifts can lead to an increase in job satisfaction for employees.

6. Employee engagement

When employees receive gifts, they feel they are a part of the company, fostering a sense of belonging.

7. Emotional connect

Employees feel emotionally connected to their company when they are rewarded with gifts.

8. Appreciation

Employees feel that their efforts are appreciated when they receive gifts from their company.

9. Company culture and values

Gifting helps in reinforcing core values such as recognition, appreciation, and employee well-being in the company.

10.  Milestones celebration

When an employee’s achievement is celebrated, they feel their important milestones are celebrated by their corporate family.

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Gifts for Employees Under $25

1. Customized coffee mug

Employees who are coffee addicts will love this gift that comes with their names printed on it.

2. Personalized key chain

Employees who drive or ride to the office will be thrilled to receive a key chain with their names engraved.

3. Desk fan

If your office is in a warm space, a USB-powered desk fan is a great gifting option.

4. Office plants

Employees who love nature will love plants to take care of. Gift them a low-maintenance plant they can keep their desk on.

5. Handmade candles

Handmade candles can calm the atmosphere and help employees relax.

6. Pop socket

For your tech-savvy employees, pop sockets that are customized not only add a style element to their gadgets but also offer functionality to their devices.

7. Desk organizer

Employees who love being organized are going to adore this gift. As it will keep their desks tidy.

8. Desk clock

Punctual employees will accept it as a token of appreciation for their time management.

9. Mousepads

In this digital age, a customized mousepad is another great option.

10.  Phone Stand

A phone stand can help your employees to use their mobile conveniently and if it is a personalised one, it is icing on the cake.

11.  Water bottle

To keep your employees hydrated, gift them a water bottle with their names engraved on it.

12.  Desk planner

A desk planner is a great gift for employees who love keeping everything organized.

To conclude, gifting your employees can help in creating a conducive environment in an organization. So go ahead and create a shopping list using our suggestions.

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