Best ways to manage the network of optilink OP-XT 71000N Router

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Optilink OP-XT 71000N Router is one of the amazing devices that is used to get the network. This router is an ideal choice for a small business or home. This router has extraordinary features that make it more unique compared to another brand’s router. This device has wireless connectivity which provides a network to advanced home gadgets. The Optilink op-xt 7100N router offers high-speed internet connectivity of 300Mbps. This device comes with a 2.4Ghz frequency and is universally compatible to work with any device. It also supports Amazon Alexa, google assistant. For USB connection, this router has 2 USB ports which were used to share data into your home devices through a USB cable. 

The Optilink-XT 71000N router comes with 2 external antennas, which catch the signal from far and broadcast it in all single corners of your house. The configuration process of this router is very simple, you need to access the op-xont 71110n login page. The web GUI portal is very simple and understandable. You can easily configure this router all the settings are simple and it will come with a wizard setup guide, which will help to play with all settings easily. If you are thinking to buy a new router for your home, this is the best option nowadays. So let’s go through its login process. 

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How to login into my Optilink OP-XT 71000N Router?

Optilink OP-XT 7100N Router is very useful for small homes. But to use its network, you need to configure the settings of your router. So follow these given steps to configure it easily. 

Unpack your brand new router from its packaging box and check all the accessories like power adaptor, connector, LAN cable, etc. Now simply, turn on your router by connecting its power switch into an electric board and turn on the power button. 

There are two ways you can connect your router with the computer.


  1. Connection via WI-Fi

Simply, open Wi-Fi settings in your phone/laptop/pc and connect with optilink router network. The security key is available on the router sticker to find it and connect. After connecting your device with optilink network, open any web browser on the same device and hit the default IP Address of the optilink-XT 71000N router, and hit enter

The login page will appear on your screen, enter the login details here and simply click on the login button. You will enter it on the homepage of your router. Here you will get all the settings of your router. 

  1. Connect via Ethernet

Take an ethernet cable and connect one side with the router and another side to the computer and turn on your both device’s router and computer. Wait for some time computer will automatically detect the network through LAN. Make sure the connection is correct and finger tight. Please check the LAN LED on your optilink router if the LED is “ON” that means the connection is great and you can proceed to the next step.

Configuration of optilink 7100N router settings

On the login page of your router enter the default password “admin”. In case you changed the password and now you are facing difficulties logging in or forgot the login password. You need to reset your router to retrieve its password. Simply, press the small reset button for 5 seconds which is available on the backside of your router. The router will reset automatically and you will be able to log in using ‘admin’ as a password. 

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After login change these settings

On the router main settings page, simply click on the ‘advanced settings’ option and select the ‘wireless network’ option, here you have to select anyone from 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz which you wish to configure first. After selecting it, select SSID and choose a security mode. Now enter a new password and in the last click to apply a button. 

Now the network is secured and you can connect your home Wi-Fi devices to the optilink router network using your recently set password. If you wish to change the SSID, you will find the option in the ‘wireless network’ page section. 

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Change settings to default if you have mistakenly did any changes

While configuring the router settings, if you skip any part or mistakenly did any mistakes. You can retrieve router settings by resetting them. 

To reset the optilink OP-XT 71000N Router, you need to press the reset button for 5 seconds, until the router restarts itself. All the settings will be restored and you can make changes as per your need. 

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