Guide for Onlyfans like App Development – Steps and Cost

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Guide for Onlyfans like App Development – Steps and Cost

The Covid 19 pandemic limited the social interaction among people. The only way to connect with each other was through social media platforms. So, that’s how social networking platforms got massive popularity in the last few years. 

The rising craze for content-sharing apps among all age groups encourages entrepreneurs to launch social networking apps. And one of the popular examples is apps like onlyfans.

What is The onlyfans Social Media App?

Onlyfans is the most popular subscription-based app for entertainment where content creators can share their creative videos and earn profits. Creators can generate revenue from users through pay-per-view or monthly subscription plans.

Various popular faces like celebrities, influencers, and A-class actors are present on this platform. Users can follow multiple content creators they love. The platform has no restrictions on sharing the content; various adult content creators are active on this app. 

Onlyfans’ business model is not very competitive yet as very few apps like Onlyfans are available in the market. So, it is the right time to occupy the available room in the entertainment industry by launching an app like Onlyfans NFT.

If you plan to launch a platform like onlyfans, you will surely get enough knowledge and clarity over certain factors when developing an app like onlyfans.

The Step By Step Guide To Launch An App Like Onlyfans


Research The Market

Target audience is the key parameter when developing an app like onlyfans. Knowing the users’ needs helps you prepare the right business plan for a successful product launch. You must be aware of the following things:

  • Age and location of your target audience 
  • Devices of the audience
  • Behavior trends of the users

It is the right way to know your ideal users and offer them an app that meets their expectations.

The Development Stage

The initial step is calculating the risks involved when developing and launching an entertainment app like Onlyfans. You can achieve the milestones you set during the development phase with accurate business analysis. Here are the steps involved at the development stage:

  • UI/UX Designing
  • Backend Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Select The Crucial Features For An App Like Onlyfans

The app should comprise useful features for both the users and the content creators.

Essential Features for Users

Create Profile

Creating a profile is the very first step user takes. Users need to fill in the details asked.

Search Options

The fans can look for their favorite content creators to follow them.

Buy content

Users can download the content by paying through the available payment mode to the creators.


Onlyfans app allows the users to tip their favorite content creator.


The app recommends the content to users depending on their choice.

Push Notifications

Customers can get instant updates about information. For example, the users get notifications about the content creators when going live or sharing posts, etc.

Must Have Features For Content Creators

Media Vault

The content creators can store the videos, photos, and live streams in the media vault to re-post later. This way, creators can easily share the exclusive content again. And the fans get the chance to view the content if they missed it the first time around.


Content creators can share the highlights of their day with fans. It helps keep the fans engaged and excited by quickly giving them the daily dose of content.

Live Streaming And Interacting

Creators can go live to interact with their fans. Also, they can chat with their followers. Users can see live streams later also.

Post Scheduling

The performers can schedule their posts to match the timings of their fans from all over the world. 

Technology Stacks To Use For Onlyfans Alternative

Following are the most suitable tools to build an app like onlyfans.

  • Frameworks-Flutter, jQuery, SocketCluster
  • Database-MySQL
  • Cloud Solutions-Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services

Different Methods To Monetize Your App Like Onlyfans

Subscription Plans

Content creators charge the followers through subscriptions fee. They can decide the amount on their own depending on the services. The platform owners deduct some percentage of the subscription amount.

Live Streaming

When subscribers send the requests to the creators to come to live, they have to tip the performers.


The existing content creators can invite the other creators to sign up on the app and gain a decent amount from their income through referral programs.

Premium Messaging

 Fans can send direct messages to the creators. Users can send the message free of cost, but they have to pay a certain fee to view the message from the creator’s side.

 What is The Onlyfans Clone Price?

When it comes to the app’s development cost, several factors are responsible for the overall cost. No doubt, you have a target budget in your mind when approaching the development company, but many factors can make you stretch your budget. The major factors influencing the development cost are as follows:

  • Product design
  • Product features
  • Technology stack
  • Hourly rate of your development team
  • Project size and complexity
  • Number of team members on the project
  • Geolocation of the development company
  • Time constraints

The biggest contribution is the developers’ location and the hourly rate of the developers that decide the Onlyfans Clone Price. 

For instance, The countries like India Ukraine cost you lesser than the countries like Australia, the USA, etc. If you select eastern European countries, it will also be a cost-effective deal for you.


Wrapping Up

These days apps like onlyfans are gaining loyal followers. These platforms brought a new concept than the other social media platform in the limelight. The start-up entrepreneurs can generate high revenue by owing an alternative app of onlyfans.

Now you have gathered appropriate information to start with your app. All you need to do is connect with a software development team to guide you throughout the development process. The app development company will provide you with accurate cost and time estimations. And you will definitely get paid off the investment you make in the longer run.

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